The security and privacy of your personal data is important to us
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Data Protection

We operate our web activities in accordance with laws on data protection and data security. You will find out below which information we collect, if applicable, and how we handle it.

Personal data
Generally, protecting your personal data is very important to NAFTA Speicher. Therefore, we do not collect any personal data without your agreement.
You alone decide whether you want to make this data known, for example, as part of registration, a contact enquiry or similar. mIn general, we use your personal data to answer your enquiries, process your request or to allow you access to special information or offers. Generally, we will not forward any personal data to third parties without your express consent.

General information
If you access our website or call up a file, data about this procedure will be stored in a log file on our web server. This data is not related to a person.
Therefore, we cannot trace which user called up which data.

The following data is stored in detail:

1.    The referrer URL (the website from which you came to us)
2.    The status code transmitted
3.    Search terms that were entered in the search form
4.    The names of the files called up
5.    Date and time of a call-up
6.    Operating system
7.    Type of browser
8.    Browser version
9.    The pseudonymous IP address of the accessing computer (network)

We use this information exclusively to identify the attractiveness of our website and to improve its content.

IP addresses
To make it possible for you to use our website anonymously, we consciously avoid logging IP addresses. We will make your IP address pseudonymous before it is stored in our web server log file in procedure conformant with data protection, i.e. the IP address is replaced by a tag. This storage is carried out for reasons of data security on order to guarantee the stability and operational security of our system and to prepare web statistics.

If you visit our websites, we may deposit information on your computer in the form of a „cookie“, which allows us to automatically recognize you again on your next visit. Cookies are small text files that are stored locally in the internet browser cache of visitors to website.

We use cookies for the following purposes e.g.

1.    To recognize visitors´ system setting (e.g. font size, language setting) when they visit the website again,
2.    To collect information about how visitors use our website e.g. which pages they visit and how long they stay,
3.    To guarantee the desire service, for example, access to the secure areas of the website.

Session cookies are only retained for the duration of the online session and are deleted from the computer when the browser is closed. Persistent cookies are placed to identify the user´s browser. They remain in place for a period of the time determined by the website server when setting the cookies. It is also possible to use our website without cookies. You can deactivate or restrict the storage of cookies in your browser, or set your browser so that if informs you before a cookie is installed. You can also delete cookies from your computer hard disk at any time. Please note, however, that in this case you have to expect the functions of the website will be restricted.

How do we use the cookie files?
On the web pages of we use cookies for the Google Analytics service and the Drupal system to help us customize the page to your needs. Your privacy is important to us and all the data are therefore anonymous and do not record any personal information about the user, nor data that could lead to the identification of his person. These data are used only for statistical, technical and marketing purposes.

With the help of Google Analytics statistics, we can examine traffic of our web pages and information that is interesting for users and for which they return often. These cookie files belong to the category of analytical cookies, which are used to create anonymous overviews about the popularity and traffic of individual pages.  Generated information is stored as anonymous statistics in Google, without the possibility of assigning them to a specific person.

Drupal cookies are included within the system of administration of the company's web pages. These cookies store the preferences of user interface. Thanks to them your browser can identify whether you have functional Java Script, your preferred language settings and graphical preferences, such as layout and size. Utilization of these cookies helps you to view our web pages more comfortably.  NAFTA does not use these data in any internal statistics. Drupal cookies are in the category of functional cookies.

We do not use cookies for any other purposes than those described above. Individual data are made available only to selected employees of NAFTA and authorized administrators of the web pages.

How to control cookies
Cookie files that we use on our web pages are permanent and temporary. Permanent cookies remain on your device after you leave our site, the temporary ones are erased after you conclude the visit / close your browser. You can control and/or delete cookies at your own discretion. You can delete all cookies stored on your computer or other device, and most browsers can be set up to disable their storing. Instructions on how to block and delete cookies can be found on the home pages of your browsers. Details on the removal and rejection of cookies and other information about these files can also be found on the website or

Information about the use of cookies in browsers on mobile phones and details regarding the rejection and removal of such cookies can be found in the manual for your phone or tablet. After blocking cookie files you will be able to continue to visit our web pages, but some features may not work properly. Your preferred web site settings will not be saved as well, and we will be unable to analyse our web traffic and adapt the settings to the needs of our users.