UGS Inzenham - West
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Inzenham - West Inzenham - West

UGS Inzenham - West

Storage system operator (SSO) for storage facility Inzenham-West is NAFTA Speicher Inzenham – a wholly owned subsidiary of NAFTA Speicher.

The Inzenham-West storage facility is a subsurface storage facility near the city of Rosenheim. It is used to balance out seasonal fluctuations of natural gas consumption. Usually, gas is injected during summer and withdrawn during winter when demand exceeds domestic gas production and import volumes. It is used for delivery to customers, especially during the winter.

Facts and figures

These technical capacities apply to the gas storage Inzenham-West:
Capacity Working Gas Volume [TWh] Maximum Injection rate [MWh/h]* Maximum Withdrawal rate [MWh/h]*
Firm 4.80 1,838 2,771
Interruptible 0 0


* depending on fill level

Inzenham-West is connected to the grid of bayernets GmbH - a part of the market area Trading Hub Europe. The gas specification of the gas grid apply in general also to the storage facility. All stored Gas is H-Gas.

The technically minimum flow rate for injection and withdrawal:
  Qmin Injection rate [MWh/h] Qmin Withdrawal rate [MWh/h]
Inzenham-West 450 450