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NAFTA Speicher Inzenham is not currently offering any available storage capacity for the upcoming storage season. Details on the capacity offer will be published on our website.

For more information on available services or a possible cooperation do not hesitate to contact us at storage@nafta-speicher.de

The SSO shall allocate storage services through transparent and non-discriminatory mechanisms that provide appropriate signals mainly for the efficient and maximum use of the Storage Capacity, in the interest of creating an open gas market.

The SSO may offer gas market participants Available Firm Storage Capacity based on a published offer and the conditions for the provision of storage services (“Tender Conditions”) or via other non-discriminatory mechanisms. In the Tender Conditions, the SSO shall stipulate, in particular, the technical parameters of the offered service, service duration, the time limit for submitting applications and the manner of their assessment. The SSO evaluates applications on the basis of the rules set out in the Tender Conditions.