Near the lake Chiemsee
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The underground structures at Breitbrunn/Eggstät were originally used in 1977-93 to produce natural gas. In 1996, the reservoir was converted into a gas storage facility with an initial working capacity of 500 million cubic meters and five injection-production wells. Development over the years has increased working capacity to the current 992 million cubic meters and a total of 13 active wells. Compressors (including commercial metering) are controlled from the Uniper Energy Storage GmbH compressor station located 1.7 kilometers away from the reservoir and directly connected to a transit system operated by Open Grid Europe GmbH.

A feature of the underground storage facility is that all the wells are drilled at one spot and directed horizontally. Another is that the drilling rigs are situated about three meters below ground level in a separate area with removable ceiling panels located at the surface.

NAFTA Speicher operates storage facilities Breitbrunn/Eggstätt as a technical operator. The Storage System Operator (SSO) for storage is Uniper Energy Storage.

For more information, please visit: Uniper Energy Storage