Near the Oberpframmern
Wolfersberg Wolfersberg


Wolfersberg is the oldest of the three natural gas storage facilities, conveniently located about 20 kilometers southeast of Munich. At a level of approximately 2,800 meters, natural gas is stored here the deepest of the three. Gas had been produced from the reservoir in 1960-72 before it was subsequently converted in 1973 into an underground gas storage facility. Today there are a total of ten injection-production wells and one additional well for injecting reservoir water back into the dedicated underground structure.

The compressor station is owned by Bayernugs GmbH (and operated by NAFTA Speicher GmbH & Co. KG), consisting of six compressor units with integrated gas piston engines. New technology was installed in 2019 to treat reservoir water before it is injected back into the well. It operates by adsorbing higher hydrocarbons for carbon filling.

Due to the presence of higher hydrocarbons, gas is treated during production first through adsorption drying and then low-temperature separation. Gas treated in this way to the required dew point of water and hydrocarbons is ultrasonically measured and fed to bayernets’s transport network.

NAFTA Speicher operates storage facilities Wolfersberg as a technical operator. The Storage System Operator (SSO) for this underground storage is Bayernugs.

For more information, please visit: Bayerngas or bayernugs