Reliable and flexible storage products that can be tailored by a range of individual and supplementary services.
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Storage Services


  • Seasonal Storage Capacity

Seasonal Storage Capacity is our basic storage product allowing customers to use the storage in a seasonal fashion – injecting gas in summer and withdrawing in winter. Seasonal Storage Capacity is offered either on firm or interruptible basis.


  • Flexible Storage Capacity

Firm Flexible Storage Capacity represents an advanced storage product that allows you to inject or withdraw gas on any day regardless of the season. Thanks to this flexibility you can multi-cycle your storage and reuse it a number of times throughout the year. Customers are free to renominate counter flow and even change the direction of the flow during the day.

Description of standard bundled unit (SBU) and final tariff published in accordance with the Article 13 sub 2 of Council Regulation (EU) 2022/2576 enhancing solidarity through better coordination of gas purchases, reliable price benchmarks and exchanges of gas across borders: HERE.

Supplementary Services


  • Transfer of Working Gas in the Storage Facility

Transfer of Working Gas in the Storage Facility allows natural gas to be moved from one storage account to another, whether a customer´s own account or to another customer´s. The transferred gas volume is then considered withdrawn/injected.
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  • Transfer of Storage Capacity rights under Agreement on Storage Facility Access

The rights granted in an Agreement on Storage Facility Access can be transferred to a third party and NAFTA Speicher Inzenham will create a new storage account for the party receiving the transferred rights. The transfer may cover the entire storage capacity stipulated in the agreement or a part of it.
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  • Assignment of the Agreement on Storage Facility Access or part thereof

Customers can assign their Agreement on Storage Facility Access to a third party, either in whole or in part. The recipient becomes a customer of NAFTA Speicher Inzenham and obtains all the rights and obligations stipulated in the assigned agreement.
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  • Gas-in-store Financing Support Service

NAFTA Speicher Inzenham customers can opt to temporarily transfer the title to their stored gas to a bank or other financing institution in exchange for more favorable access to capital.

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