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Our activities greatly respect the environment and local communities
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Corporate Responsibility

NAFTA’s Speicher responsible approach to its activities is reflected in several areas where we are paying a lot of attention. All activities are being carried out in compliance with legislative requirements in Germany and Europe and taking the environment into maximum consideration.

What we do is an important element of the energy sector, where we have consistently met the requirements of our customers. Underground natural gas storage is one of the pillars of maintaining secure supplies, which also affirms NAFTA’s Speicher role as a responsible partner. We bring job opportunities to regions and provide employees with stability, building on NAFTA’s long traditions.

Power-to-gas and renewable energy are two different areas where the company has made an important declaration of its long-term commitment to the environment. As we have been intensively engaged in innovative projects, we looked at energy storage options within NAFTA Speicher facilities. In particular a feasibility study was launched into combining power-to-gas with a photovoltaic power plant at one of its storage facilities in Germany.